The hackathon was organised by:
logo huawei
Huawei is an international device manufacturing company. Its participation in the Hackathon has been key to spreading the message, providing content for the prizes and advising the teams on the standardisation and regulatory compliance of the solutions devised. Huawei Europe accompanied the winners to the Little Guardian solution launch day in Paris on 7 December 2023.
i4life is a technology company that combines engineering projects for commercial or business purposes with social purpose. Its team has built the Hackathon stage, developed the website and is leading the anti-bullying movement.
Cluster TIC is a group of technology companies in Asturias. Within its dissemination days, it has framed the final event of the Hackathon >Fightbullying; , where all the ideas that emerged during the maturation sessions were presented. Its contribution has been the management of spaces and people, as well as bringing together interests and companies to make the Hackathon a success.
logo impulsa
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