What is bullying?

Bullying is defined as repeated harassment or mistreatment of a person or group of people in order to intimidate, harm, humiliate or control the victim(s).

It can be verbal bullying (insults, taunts, offensive nicknames), physical bullying (hitting, pushing, hurting), social bullying (rumours, exclusion) or cyberbullying (in digital environments and social networks).

Hackathon objectives

To make available to the international school community an anti-bullying technological tool developed in Asturias.

Forming teams, advising them on the legal and technical aspects of bullying and guiding them to create a tool by young people for young people. We believe that this is the way to fight against bullying.

Symptoms and consequences

What may seem like fun for the people who bully leads to mental health problems and discomfort for the bullied, which may even last over time.

Cyberbullying is particularly serious because, even if it is of low intensity, it causes great pressure and emotional fatigue to those affected.
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